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18 May 2021
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With 2020 well and truly behind us, it's now time to plan your next escape. Having endured numerous snap lockdowns over the past twelve months, it is understandable that during these unprecedented times, the hopeful traveler has lacked the confidence to both plan a holiday and commit to domestic and/or future international travel.  As we continue to move forward, we can only hope that the worst is behind us. More recently, the travel industry has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of people who are now prepared to travel domestically. A true sign that confidence is surging and that travel is GO. 


Availability of vaccinations  

With COVID-19 vaccinations ramping up across the nation, confidence is gradually being restored in those who are more vulnerable and/or susceptible to contracting the virus. Fortunately for many Australian’s, the opportunity to travel domestically came about sooner than anticipated. When compared to the rest of the world, Australia has experienced very little COVID-19 transmission. As our population continues to be vaccinated, Australians will be able to travel freely inter-state and possibly internationally in the not too distant future.  


Revision of cancellation policy's   

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a marked change in travel contracts when it comes to terms and conditions and travel insurance policies. It is important that you read and understand each airline, accommodation provider and tourist attraction travel policy, especially their product disclosure statement, as they can vary greatly and can change without notice. Ensure that you get the policies in writing and read the fine print. It is important that you keep a copy (snapshot) of the terms and conditions you have agreed upon at the time of booking, as that’s what they are bound by. Be aware of any travel restrictions/requirements that may be in effect for your impending destination and always consider the possible risks that may be involved if you have to cancel your travel arrangements through no fault of your own. The ACCC recommends that you look for flexible change of dates and cancellation policies and travel options that do not require upfront payments. 


Relaxation of restrictions  

As Australia moves towards the relaxation of travel restrictions, we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The reduction in restrictions has allowed us to return to some normality and to once again, live life like we used to pre-pandemic. Numerous safety measures have been initiated and put in place which will continue to protect how we live and work. As we move forward, we will continue to see additional social distancing rules and travel restrictions relax. This in turn will provide opportunities for the avid traveler to continue their passion to travel both far and wide across this great southern land. 


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

Saint Augustine 

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